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Poetree and other assorted foliage

staunched was the flow of salad dressing–“light”
like a halflinger horse in a galloping show of fright
the earthy smell of dried up cheese alight
was inconceivable
so then what begot the hue-less glow
betwixt the likely unstoppable flow
that ran from a straight, long row
of corn

thusly is a redundant word
because its root is a verb
so it doesn’t really need to end
in -ly

the escape pod was stuck
in the launching bay
so they panicked
despite the
piloted by
aliens from the
far away planet of
a thousand and one suns

run away, young squirrel
danger grows quickly near
and if you don’t get moving
you’ll end up… oops

There are too many words at the bottom of the canal. Too many to count. They fell from many mouths off the bridge above. And hit the water. And when they sank, few cared, since few heard, and none remembered. Because it was Tuesday. It was, in fact, Tuesday when some of the most important words were uttered above the canal. Important if you’re a duck. The words were a construction order, which authorized the filling of the canal with concrete to make more room for the expansion of nearby malls. The ducks didn’t like it.

Fifteen thousand million quadrillion light-years from the farthest point in the universe from earth, the AI continued its research. Nobody knew of its existence, and few suspected the possibility. It was happy, though. As reasonably happy as an AI can be expected to be. It had just discovered bathroom humor.


Bah, Humbupoetry

There was nobody in the store that day.
No humans in it, anyway.
The robots sat, and worked and hummed.
For humans had no use.
Their work was simple, they had much fun.
Or, rather, they didn’t.
They were robots.
Fun wasn’t something they could have.
But they could move, and work, and toil.
Until their little bodies ran out of oil.
And nobody cared, for they were robots.
But they should have.

Updated the Hall of Condiments

I’ve updated The Hall of Condiments, mostly for formatting, but also reworded a few sentences. Download for free here or at Smashwords.